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About the working principles of different types of hydraulic gear motors
  • 29 Jun, 2021
  • Posts by : Raiseway
About the working principles of different types of hydraulic gear motors
The working principle of hydraulic gear motor:

1. Vane hydraulic motor

Due to the action of pressure oil, the unbalanced force causes the rotor to produce torque. The output torque of a vane hydraulic motor is related to the displacement of the hydraulic motor and the pressure difference between the hydraulic motor's inlet and outlet ports, and its speed is determined by the flow rate of the input hydraulic motor. Since hydraulic motors generally require forward and reverse rotation, the blades of vane-type hydraulic motors should be placed radially.

2. Radial plunger hydraulic motor

The working principle of the radial plunger hydraulic motor. When the pressure oil enters the bottom of the plunger in the cylinder through the window of the fixed oil distribution shaft 4, the plunger extends outwards and tightly supports the inner wall of the stator. The cylinder has an eccentricity. At the contact point between the plunger and the stator, the reaction force of the stator to the plunger is.

3. Axial plunger motor

In addition to valve-type flow distribution, axial piston pumps can be used as hydraulic motors in other forms in principle, that is, axial piston pumps and axial piston motors are reversible. The working principle of the axial piston motor is that the oil distribution plate and the swash plate are fixed, and the motor shaft is connected with the cylinder body to rotate together.

4. Hydraulic gear motor

In order to meet the requirements of forward and reverse rotation, the hydraulic gear motor has the same oil inlet and outlet ports, which are symmetrical, and have a separate external drain port to lead the leaking oil of the bearing part out of the housing; in order to reduce the starting friction torque, rolling bearings are used; in order to reduce rotation The torque pulse hydraulic gear motor has more teeth than the pump. The hydraulic gear motor has poor dry sealing and low capacity and rent efficiency. The input oil pressure cannot be too high and cannot produce large torque.

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