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Application of pressure sensor in weighing system
  • 14 Jul, 2021
  • Posts by : Raiseway
Application of pressure sensor in weighing system
In the commercial weighing system of industrial control technology, pressure sensing technology is increasingly used. In many pressure control processes, it is often necessary to collect pressure signals and convert them into electrical signals that can be automatically controlled. Pressure control devices made of pressure sensors are generally called electronic weighing systems, and electronic weighing systems are becoming more and more important as an online control tool for material flow in various industrial processes. The electronic weighing system can not only optimize production and improve product quality in the product manufacturing process, but also collect and transmit data about material flow in the production process to the data processing center for online inventory control and financial settlement.

In the weighing process automation control, the pressure sensor is required not only to perceive the gravity signal, but also its performance must be reliable, dynamic responsiveness, and anti-interference performance; the signal provided by the pressure sensor can be directly displayed, recorded, printed, and stored by the detection system Or used for feedback regulation control.

Integrating the pressure sensor with the measurement circuit through integration technology greatly reduces the volume of the entire device; in addition, the development of shielding technology will also ensure the anti-interference ability of the weighing pressure sensor, and make the weighing process automatic control. Further improved.

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