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Basic Principles of Motor Controller
  • 03 Sep, 2021
  • Posts by : Raiseway
Basic Principles of Motor Controller
The basic function of the motor controller: the motor is driven by the inverter bridge to modulate and output the sine wave. The all-in-one controller includes
Power distribution circuit: provide power distribution for each part of the integrated controller, such as TM contactor, fuse, electric air conditioning circuit power supply, electric defrost circuit power supply, etc.;
IGBT drive circuit: receives control signals, drives IGBTs and feeds back the status, provides voltage isolation and protection;
Auxiliary power supply: Provide power supply for the control circuit and isolated power supply for the drive circuit;
DSP circuit: Receive vehicle control instructions, provide feedback information, detect motor system sensor information, and transmit motor control signals according to instructions;
Structure and heat dissipation system: Provide heat dissipation for the motor controller, provide controller installation support, and provide controller safety protection.

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