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Do you know what a torque motor is
  • 14 Sep, 2021
  • Posts by : Raiseway
Do you know what a torque motor is
Torque motor is a special motor with a large number of poles, which can continue to run at low speed or even when the motor is locked, without causing damage to the motor. In this working mode, the motor can provide a stable torque to the load.

Torque motors can also provide torque that is opposite to the direction of rotation. The shaft of the torque motor does not output power with constant power but outputs power with constant torque. Torque motors include: DC torque motors, AC torque motors, and brushless DC torque motors.

It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, textiles, papermaking, rubber, plastics, metal wire, wire and cable industries. Torque motors can also be used flexibly according to its many characteristics: it can be used in place of DC motors, can be used in opening and closing gates (valves) and drag systems with large resistance torque, and can also be used in devices that frequently rotate forward and reverse. Or other similar actions on various machinery.

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