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Introduction to the use of the reducer 1
  • 26 Feb, 2022
  • Posts by : Raiseway
Introduction to the use of the reducer 1
The reducer, also known as the reducer, is widely used in mechanical products. According to its use occasions and fields, its specific functions and functions are mainly as follows:

1. The effect of reducing the speed

The main target of deceleration is the motor, whether it is a servo motor or a stepper motor, it has the same effect, because in many practical occasions of the motor, it is difficult for us to fully use the rated speed of the motor, because it involves many other Therefore, we will decelerate the speed of the motor, and it is a very common practice to decelerate through the reducer.

2. Increase the torque effect

The reducer is indeed a very wonderful thing. While decelerating, it can also increase the output torque of the motor accordingly.

3. Reduce the inertia of the motion mechanism

Anyone who does mechanical structure research and development knows that the motion inertia of equipment is a very annoying thing. If the inertia of a certain motion mechanism does not match well, the stability, accuracy and life of the motion will be greatly affected, but we also It is not possible to increase the choice of motor infinitely for the matching of inertia, so at this time, the reducer has made great contributions.

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