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Introduction to the use of the reducer 2
  • 26 Feb, 2022
  • Posts by : Raiseway
Introduction to the use of the reducer 2
1. The reducer can effectively improve the accuracy

High-precision low-speed motors are expensive, but the transmission error of the high-speed motor accelerometer will also be correspondingly reduced during the deceleration process, which may be cheaper. It is a cost-effective little expert.

2. Locking mechanism

The reducer also has a very important function, which is the locking mechanism, such as the worm gear reducer, which has a self-locking function. When its reduction ratio reaches a certain ratio, it can almost completely block the movement. The reverse impact of the mechanism on the motor can even completely lock the movement of the entire mechanism.

3. Reduce production costs

Because the reducer has the function of reducing the speed and increasing the torque, many times we can make it into a "small horse-drawn cart" transmission form, and use the motor with low power to achieve greater torque output, thereby achieving cost savings. .

4. Optimize the mechanical structure design

Many times, because of the use of the reducer, we can choose a motor with a lower power, thereby simplifying our entire product design structure, making many functional parts more delicate and compact, and avoiding looking "stupid and clumsy", which It is also one of the reasons why mechanical design engineers are willing to choose to use a reducer.

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