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Things to pay attention to when choosing a hydraulic gear motor
  • 29 Jun, 2021
  • Posts by : Raiseway
Things to pay attention to when choosing a hydraulic gear motor
To select a hydraulic gear motor for designing a new system, or to find a replacement product for a hydraulic gear motor in an existing system, in addition to the power requirements, other factors must be considered. In many cases, learn from previous experience. When there is no previous experience to learn from, the following factors must be considered:

1. Work load cycle

2. Oil type

3. Minimum flow and maximum flow

4. Pressure range

5. System type: open system or closed system

6. Ambient temperature, system working temperature and cooling system

7. Oil pump type: gear pump, plunger pump or vane

8. Overload protection: safety valve close to the hydraulic motor

9. Speed ​​exceeds load protection

10. Radial load and axial load

Work load cycle and speed overrun protection are two important factors that are often overlooked. When the speed exceeds the load condition, the motor is in the working condition of the oil pump, and the torque of the motor linkage shaft may reach twice the normal working condition. If the above conditions are ignored, the motor will be damaged. Another very important factor to consider when the system is matched during the workload cycle. If the motor is required to work at full load for a long time and have a satisfactory service life, then the torque and speed indicators given in the product sample can only meet the requirements of use, and it is not enough to choose a series of products with performance indicators one block higher.

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