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Crawler shot blasting machine

Crawler shot blasting machine is used for cleaning the work-piece by blasting high speed shots to the turning work-piece carried by the wear-resistant rubber crawler or manganese steel crawler. The machine is suitable for the surface derusting and strengthening of various kinds of small castings, forgings, stamping parts, gears, springs work-pieces, etc.

Hanger type shot blasting machine

The hanger type shot blasting machine is mainly used for cleaning and strengthening of easy hanging and workpiece (like gear) that should not collide. It is suitable for all kinds of machinery, automobile, rolling stock, ship and other industries of small and medium-sized casting and forging parts, steel structure surface or strengthening treatment.

Roll texturing shot blasting machine

Roll texturing shot blasting machine is used for highly quality treatment of roughen surface of rolls. The movement speed of the shot blasting device, the shot blasting speed and the roll rotation speed are adjustable, the size and amount of blasting shot get accurately controlled. It is suitable for roughen processing the surface of cold roll coils and other rolls.