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Booster regulator

Booster regulator

The booster regulator pressurizes the air by means of the reciprocating movement of the piston that makes the air compressed. It is often used for pressure control of air compression equipment, and also used for devices that need to be pressurized up to the level required by the system.

The booster regulator is a piston type booster device with compressed air as the power source only, without the necessity of electric power. By connecting to the factory air line, it can boost the factory existing air pressure by over 1.7 times. It provides powerful regulation with both pressure and flow accurately controlled by the driving air pressure regulator. The booster regulator delivers high output pressure and output flow with low air consumption. The built-in silencer effectively suppresses the noise level. Characterized by compact design, flexible application, easy maintenance and wide application range, the booster regulator is suitable for pressure control, air tightness test, pressure test, instrument measurement and pressure measurement of air compression system.
Technical parameters
-- Connection size: Rc1/4 (IN, OUT)
-- Inlet pressure 0.2~0.7MPa
-- Outlet pressure: 0.3~1.2MPa
-- Boosting ratio: ≥1.7
-- Maximum flow: 230L/min
-- Medium: compressed air

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