Linear rolling guide-way

Linear rolling guide-way

•  A precision guide part, supports and guides moving parts for high precision linear movement along the rail.

•  Four columns of circular arc guide rail structure, 45° contact angle and the rolling motion with the slider.

•  Accurate positioning, low friction resistance, strong carrying capacity, stable run, good interchangeability.

•  Used for precise positioning guide mechanism, industrial equipment, machine tools, automatic devices, etc.

The linear rolling guide-way is a precision linear guide component, supports and guides the moving parts for high-precision linear movement along the slide rail. It adopts four columns of circular arc guide rail structure, the contact angle of 45°, bears loads from four directions; the guide surface with precision grinding and rolling motion with the slider. It features high positioning accuracy, low friction resistance, strong bearing capacity, stable operation, good interchangeability, simple installation and long life. It is widely used in precision positioning guide mechanism, industrial equipment, machine tools, laser processing machinery, precision instruments, automation devices, etc.
Technical Parameters
-- Guide-way nominal size: 15 ~ 65mm (steel ball type), 35~125mm (roller type)
-- Length of single rail: max. 4m (longer one needs to be customized)
-- Rolling element: steel ball(rolling ball), roller
-- Slider type: flange, upper lock type; flange, lower lock type; rectangular type
-- JSA-LG15~LG65, JSA-LZG35~LZG125, BTM07~BTM15, BTMW09~BTMW15

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