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Mill roll

Mill roll

•  Mill roller is an important components of rolling mill and has a long service life.

•  The heat treatment temperature is uniform, surface hardness is consistent, wear resistance is strong.

•  Refined raw materials, strict production technology, the roll can be processed convex surface.

•  Used for cold and hot rolling of carbon steel, alloy steel, copper aluminum and stainless steel strip.

The mill rolls are important components of rolling mill, used for making the metal experience plastic deformation under rolling force. The main types of rolls include work roll, intermediate roll, backup roll, etc. The fabrication processes of the rolls include forging, rough machining, conditioning, non-destructive inspection, finishing machining, quenching, and grinding, thus the rolls have the advantages of high surface hardness, excellent wear and heat resistance, and high accuracy; the crown surface profile of the mill roll is machined by precision roll grinder. The mill roll quench layer is deep and can be ground repeatedly to the limit size. The rolls are used for cold rolling and hot rolling of carbon steel, alloy steel, copper aluminum and stainless steel strip.
Technical parameter
-- Roll diameter: Æ90~600mm
-- Barrel length: 350~1450mm
-- Barrel profile: micro-crowned (2mm) (roll diameter≤1100mm, total roll length≤2800mm)
-- Steel grades: alloy steel forgings, semi-steel, high-speed steel castings
-- Surface hardness: HS55~80 (roll for cold and hot rolling), journal hardness HS40~60
Lectotype serise
-- Work roll /backup roll: Æ90~600×350~1450/Æ350~600×400~130

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