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Electro-hydraulic servo valve of G631 series

Electro-hydraulic servo valve of G631 series

This series of electro-hydraulic servo valves are high-performance 2-stage flow control servo valve, which can be used as 3/4 way throttling flow control valves. It is suitable for servo control system of position, speed, or force (or pressure), and other automation equipment which is required to have quick dynamic response.

This series of electro-hydraulic servo valves are of dry torque motor and 2 stage hydraulic amplifier design with two symmetrical nozzle damper as pilot stage driven by two air-gap torque motors, and 4-way valve as output stage. The valve spool features large driving force, and its position signal is mechanically fed back by a cantilever spring rod. The fifth oil port can be used for separate pilot supply, and the disc filter of the pilot valve is field-replaceable. It stands out for simple and robust structure, reliable performance and long service life, and is widely used in electro-hydraulic servo control systems of aviation, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.
Technical parameters
-- Working pressure: 5~75L/min
-- Working pressure: ≤31.5MPa (port P, X, A and B), ≤14MPa (port T)
-- Ambient temperature: -29℃~+135℃
-- Oil temperature: -29℃~+135℃
-- Working medium: petroleum-based hydraulic oil, or other oils as needed
-- Filtration accuracy: β10≥75 (standard type), β5≥75 (long life design)

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