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Graphite condenser

Graphite condenser

The graphite condenser is of splicing design by graphite blocks, which are sealed with PTFE. The equipment is equipped with loaded spring to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction automatically. It is used for condensation of gas or steam.

The graphite condenser has the advantages of high transfer efficiency, high ruggedness and long service life, and also features sound shock resistance, good temperature and pressure resistance. The graphite blocks are sealed with polytetrafluoroethylene with loaded springs installed on the equipment for automatic thermal expansion compensation. Two different fluids pass through two different channels which are vertical to each other on the graphite blocks for heat exchange. The graphite blocks are applicable for condensation of gas or steam.
Technical Parameters
-- Heat exchange area: 5~280 m2
-- Designed pressure: ≤ 0.4 MPa
-- Designed temperature: -20~165℃

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