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Guided actuator

Guided actuator

The guided actuator is a combination of guide and standard pneumatic cylinder with a mounting interface. It is mainly used for work-piece clamping applications, such as the changing, conveying and positioning of work-pieces or tools.

The guided actuator provides guiding via ball bearing. Each guide device can be combined in the X-Y or X-Y-Z axis to form a modular design, and allows separate adjustment in terminal buffering and limit switch. With one or more limit switches installed on the cylinder barrel or pneumatic cylinder rail, the guided actuator can sense the moving position of the pneumatic cylinder in a non-contact way. Its high guiding accuracy protects the piston rod from twisting, and enhances the load bearing capacity of the pneumatic cylinder. Guided actuator is mainly used in the applications of work-piece clamping, for changing, conveying and positioning of work-pieces or tools, for example.
Technical parameters
-- Cylinder diameter: 10~50mm
-- Stroke: 10~1500mm
-- Maximum working pressure: 1.2MPa
-- Thrust: 47~1178N (at 6bar), pulling force 40~990N (at 6bar)
-- Temperature range: -20℃~+80℃
-- Type: basic series like SLE, SLZ, SLM, combined series (combination of SLE, SLZ, SLM)

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