Self-lubricating liners

Self-lubricating liners

•  Wearing part, used in the moving parts of mechanical reciprocation, swing and guiding.

•  Made of copper alloy matrix and embedded solid lubricating material and can be self-lubricating.

•  High temperature resistance, wear- and impact resistance, good anti-seizure performance, long service life.

•  Used for heavy duty, low speed, mechanical equipment and other moving parts that can not be lubricated.

Self-lubricating liners is wearing sliding liner, provided in the positions where the mechanical equipment will conduct plane movement, swinging and guiding movement. Two types of sliding liners are available: inlaid sliding liner and common sliding liner. The common sliding liner does not have inlaid solid material and needs oil lubrication. The inlaid sliding liner is made of copper alloy base metal and embedded solid lubricating materials such as graphite, the metal base material supports the load and the embedded solid lubricant is self-lubricating. It features high temperature resistance, wear- and impact resistance, self-lubrication, good anti-seizure performance and long service life. It is widely used in heavy duty, low speed, reciprocating or swinging mechanical equipment and other moving parts that cannot be lubricated and form oil film.
Technical Parameters
-- Length×width: 75×18~500×160mm (narrow strip-like), 100×75~300×200 mm (wide strip-like)
-- Thickness:10~20mm
-- Service temperature: -40~200℃
-- Material: copper, brass (common liner without inlaid solid materials also available)
Lectotype serise
-- 75~500×18~200×10~20

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