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S120 AC/AC drive for single axis application

S120 AC/AC drive for single axis application

AC/AC frequency converter for single-axis control application is usually known as S120 AC/AC drive for single axis application. Its powerful positioning function enables absolute and relative positioning of the infeeding axis. It can be used for the driving motor of high-speed stackers, and material conveyor of converter steel-making plant.

Composed of control unit and power module, the drive integrates rectification and inverter for V/F and vector control, and for high-precision and high-performance servo control. S120 AC/AC drive integrated with power module and motor module not only can control common 3-phase asynchronous motors, but also asynchronous and synchronous servo motors, torque motors and linear motors, It especially fits single-axis speed and positioning control.
Technical parameters
-- Control unit: CU310DP, CU310PN, CUA31
-- Power: 0.12~90 kw (module type), 110~250kw (rack type)
-- Incoming line voltage: 200~240V (1 phase), 380~480V (3 phase)
-- Output frequency: servo control mode, 0~650Hz
                                           vector control mode, 0~300Hz
                                           V/F control mode: 0~300Hz

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