Roll grinding machines

Roll grinding machines

•  CNC system controls the grinder multi-axis compound motion to grind of roller surface with grinding wheel.

•  It can grind the outer circle surface of cylindrical, convex, CVC curve, arbitrary curve.

•  Advanced structure, stable performance, complete functions, simple operation, high degree of automation.

•  Used in high precision and high efficiency grinding of special curved and round surface of various rolls.

The CNC system of the roll grinding machines controls the multi-axis compound movement of the machine tool according to the mathematical model of the generatrix of the roll surface for the grinding the roll barrel by the abrasive wheel. This highly automatic machine has the advantages of the state of art design, stable performance and complete functions, and is equipped with the functions of online measurement, automatic compensation, roll center alignment, automatic wheel balancing, and simulation grinding. It is easy in operation and able to detect the flaw while grinding. The machine can grind cylindrical, convex or concave surface, CVC surface, arbitrary curve and other cylindrical surface. It's suitable for high precision and high efficiency grinding of special curve surface of roller in metallurgy and papermaking industries.
Technical Parameters
-- Diameter of workpiece: Æ30mm~3000mm
-- Max. weight of workpiece: 500kg~250t (Top grinding 150t)
-- Workpiece rotation speed: 3~150rpm, max. abrasive wheel linear speed: 35~45m/s
-- Max. grinding convex (concave): 1.0~2.5mm
Lectotype serise
-- MK8420~84300, MJK84100~84200

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