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Motor controller

Motor controller

The motor controller constitutes a complete control unit together with motor and the motor driver. It functions for controlling the motor state flexibly, by means of potentiometer, if required, and is suitable for controlling small motors such as DC motors, brushless DC motors and stepping motors.

The motor controller is composed of inverter and controller. SDJ series AC controller executes DSP based digital drive control with highly reliable and high torque asynchronous motor as the drive. It boasts fast response, stable control operation, maintenance free, flexible programming, and wide adaptability. Motor controller can control the traveling status, in case of electric vehicles, such as starting operation and grade climbing power according to gear position, acceleration and brake instruction, etc.
Technical parameters
-- Power: 1~40kw
-- Type: AC motor controller, permanent magnet synchronous motor controller, DC motor controller
-- Drive mode: DTC, VC, V/F
-- Protection degree: IP67

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