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Elastic sleeve pin coupling

Elastic sleeve pin coupling

•   It can offset the two shafts of transmission, reduce vibration and compensate for buffering.

•   The precision of hole spacing is not high, and the semi-coupling of brake wheel is cast steel or forging.

•   The advantages of the coupling are good electrical insulation and large bearing capacity.

•   Suitable for metallurgical, lifting, electric machinery and other mechanical transmission companies.

The elastic sleeve pin coupling is able to moderately compensate relative offset of the two shafts and have general vibration damping and electric insulating function. It is applicable for the medium and high speed shaft drive that always needs to change the running directions and starts frequently. It is light and small in size, but has high loading capacity, it needs high manufacture and installation accuracy. It is used in metallurgical machinery, lifting machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, electric machinery and other mechanical transmission fields.
Technical parameters
-- Rated torque: 125~16000 Nm
-- Allowable speed: 3800~1000r/min
-- Shaft hole diameter: 25~170mm
-- Shaft hole length: 44~302mm
-- Working temperature: -20~60℃
Lectotype series
-- Model: LT1~13/LTZ1~9

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