There are 3 Products

Ball valve

•  A valve in which the valve core is driven by the valve stem to rotates around the axis of the valve.

•  Simple and compact structure, rapid opening and closing, good sealing, friction resistance.

•  For corrosive media, solid particles, slurry, pulverized coal and other media of different working conditions.

•  Used in the high temperature, high pressure, corrosive medium pipeline systems.

Ball valve

•  A valve driven by the valve stem and swiveled around the axis of the ball valve.

•  Simple and compact structure, reliable sealing, good corrosion resistance and heat stability.

•  Suitable for drinking water, hot water, brine, acid and alkali, chemical solution and other media.

•  Used in the fluid or corrosive medium delivery and discharge of the pipeline systems.

Ball valve

•  A valve with flap swiveling around the valve axis through the valve stem.

•  Simple and compact design, reliable sealing, corrosion resistance, fast opening, tight shut-off..

•  For media of suspension fluids and pulp fluids with fiber or small solid particles.

•  Used in the pulp fluid or corrosive medium pipeline systems.