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3-Way pneumatic diaphragm control valve

3-Way pneumatic diaphragm control valve

The valve is a special valve for three-way control, and two types are available, i.e. the mixing type and diverting. The former one is mainly used to mix two fluids for producing a third fluid, and latter is to diverting one stream of fluid into two steams. 3-way pneumatic diaphragm control valve is widely used for regulation and control of liquid, gas and steam, etc.

The 3-way pneumatic diaphragm control valve is composed of diaphragm actuators with multiple guided springs, cage-type regulating mechanism and intelligent integrated positioner. The valve spool adopts cylindrical thin-walled window design and is guided on the side; it has two outlets, one is open when the other is closed. The valve design permits less pressure loss, large flow capacity, low noise and small unbalanced force, and adapts to large differential pressure. It has the advantages of compact structure, high control accuracy, accurate flow coefficient, stable and reliable performance, etc, and suits for two-phase control and simple ratio adjustment of heat exchangers. The valve is always used to get rid of the solution of two two-way valves + one Tee for some cases.
Technical parameters
-- Nominal diameter: DN25~200 mm
-- Nominal pressure: PN1.6~6.4 MPa
-- Actuator: pneumatic, pneumatic + hand wheel, other
-- Control mode: limit switch type, regulation type, intelligent type
-- Valve body material: WCB, 304, 316, 316L, etc.
-- Spool material 304, 316, 316L, etc.
-- Working temperature: standard type:-20~+200℃, -40~+250℃, -60~+250℃
cooling type: -40~+450℃, -60~+450℃, 
-- Environmental temperature: -20~+55℃

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