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3-phase induction motor

The fully enclosed fan-cooled squirrel cage 3-phase induction motor is a new generation of reliable and safe energy-saving motor. It is widely used to drive various equipments in machinery, metallurgy, construction, hydraulic, chemical, medical and other industries.

Servo motors

The servo motors can realize variable control such as displacement and rotation angle. Mainly used in CNC equipment and material conveying equipment that require variable control.

FFF parallel multi-nozzle 3D printer

•  Multi-nozzle parallel, synergistic and efficient printing, built-in sovereign software.

•  Using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing principle, the equipment can be lengthened in series.

•  Excellent strength and stiffness, high manufacturing accuracy, multi-functional options

•  Used for large complex, high precision, smooth surface, material and color variety of product manufacturing.

Taper and cylindrical gear reducer

Taper and cylindrical gear reducer is with hardened tooth flank and medium-hardened tooth flank, input shaft and the output shaft arranged in an intersecting way.

Cycloidal pinwheel reducer

The cycloidal pinwheel reducer series  is a drive gearbox adopting the principle of planetary gearing with small difference between the numbers of teeth and cycloidal pin gear.

Worm gearmotor

Worm gearmotor  has the advantages of compact structure, sound rigidity of the box, flexible installation. Both the gear and geared shaft undergo carburizing quenching gear and teeth grinding.

Transmission box

The transmission box consists of two or more gears, one of which is driven by a motor, and its output speed is inversely proportional to the gear ratio. It functions for deceleration/acceleration, increase/decrease of torque, change of the transmission direction and power distribution.

Elastic sleeve pin coupling

•  Slightly compensate relative offset of two drive shafts, with damping, buffering and electrical insulation.

•  Hole spacing accuracy requirements are not high, easy installation and maintenance.

•  It has the characteristics of large loading capacity, small size and light weight.

•  Suitable for mechanical transmission with small impact and vibration load.

Universal coupling

•  The universal cross joint has angular and radial compensation performance.

•  Adopt integral fork structure, large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency.

•  Spline shaft structure adopted for axial expansion compensation, ensures smooth transmission and low noise.

•  Suitable for transmission machinery, transport machinery and other heavy machinery.

Electro-hydraulic block brake

Electro-hydraulic block brake is designed with no asbestos liner. It is equipped with automatic compensation mechanism for brake liner wearing. This kind of brake is widely used for decelerating and braking of drives of mechanical drive devices.

Planetary gear reducer

The planetary gear reducer is composed of sun gear, planetary gear, inner ring gear and planet carrier. It is widely used in the transmission of machinery and equipment in various industries.

Worm and worm screw jack

The Worm and worm screw jack functions for lifting, lowering, pushing and turning via the screw driven by the worm and used as a basic lifting component in mechanical transmission.