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3-phase induction motor

•  Adopting squirrel cage structure, fully enclosed air cooling or self-fan cooling. 

•  High torque, good starting performance, reliable operation, small vibration.

•  Compact structure, high efficiency, long service life, convenient maintenance.

•  Used in transmission equipment of metallurgy, lifting, transport, paper making, pharmaceutical industries.

Servo motors

•  Can realize the accurate control of the position, speed and the torque, easy for intellectualization.

•  Large starting torque, wide operation range, overload resistance, no self-rotation phenomenon.

•  Good high-speed performance, smooth running, high efficiency, small vibration, low noise, small size.

•  For driving devices in metallurgy, light, textile, chemical, printing and dyeing, food, robot industry, etc.

FFF parallel multi-nozzle 3D printer

•  Multi-nozzle parallel, synergistic and efficient printing, built-in sovereign software.

•  Using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing principle, the equipment can be lengthened in series.

•  Excellent strength and stiffness, high manufacturing accuracy, multi-functional options

•  Used for large complex, high precision, smooth surface, material and color variety of product manufacturing.

Taper and cylindrical gear reducer

•  Adopting arc tooth and cone gear drive, input shaft and output shaft in a vertical direction layout.

•  Gears are made of high quality alloy steel with carburizing, quenching and grinding (hardened tooth flank).

•  High carrying capacity, high drive efficiency and accuracy, smooth operation, long service life.

•  Used in mechanical transmissions of metallurgy, mining, transportation, construction and energy industries.

Cycloidal pinwheel reducer

•  Adopting the principle of planetary gear and cycloidal pin gear meshing, input and output on the same axis.

•  Compact structure, small size, large gear ratio, high drive efficiency, reliable use.

•  Strong overload capacity, shockproof, small inertia moment, can start frequently and rotate forward or back.

•  Used in drive mechanism of metallurgy, mining, lifting, light industry, food, textile and other industries.

Worm gearmotor

•  The worm gear reducer and motor modularized and connected as one, input and output axes in vertical output.

•  Compact structure, small size, high accuracy, reliable operation, high overload capacity, low rotation speed.

•  The gears are made of high-quality alloy steel, by carburizing, quenching and tooth grinding process.

•  Used in power transmissions of metallurgy, mining, lifting, electric power, packaging, energy industries.

Elastic sleeve pin coupling

•  Slightly compensate relative offset of two drive shafts, with damping, buffering and electrical insulation.

•  Hole spacing accuracy requirements are not high, easy installation and maintenance.

•  It has the characteristics of large loading capacity, small size and light weight.

•  Suitable for mechanical transmission with small impact and vibration load.

Universal coupling

•  The universal cross joint has angular and radial compensation performance.

•  Adopt integral fork structure, large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency.

•  Spline shaft structure adopted for axial expansion compensation, ensures smooth transmission and low noise.

•  Suitable for transmission machinery, transport machinery and other heavy machinery.

Electro-hydraulic block brake

•  Electro-hydraulic block brake has high braking efficiency and flexible action.

•  Designed with no asbestos liner, equal backspace of tiles, automatic compensation for liner wear.

•  The electro-hydraulic block brake is driven by electro-hydraulic thrust and has a long life.

•  The braking mechanism is driven by electro-hydraulic thrust and has a long life.

•  Suitable for deceleration and parking braking of various mechanical driving devices.

Planetary gear reducer

•  Input shaft and output shaft can be in three layout types of coaxial, parallel or vertical.

•  Gears are made of high-quality alloy steel, with carburizing, quenching or nitriding process.

•  Large transmission torque, high efficiency, high accuracy, wide reduction ratio range, small size.

•  Used in drive mechanism of metallurgy, mining, lifting, cement, light, food, textile and other industries.

Worm and worm screw jack

•  Completing functions of lifting, lowering, pushing and turning via the screw driven by the worm gear.

•  Driven by electric motor, manual or other power sources, low-speed with heavy-load, vertical output.

•  Compact structure, self-locking function, high reliability, various types, small size, long life.

•  Used in drive mechanism of metallurgy, mining, lifting, cement, light, food, textile and other industries.

Overrunning clutch coupling

•  The clutch automatically overruns or transmits torque for precise positioning and prevents reversal.

•  Its advantage is one-way self-locking reliable, reverse relief light, large bearing capacity.

•  The main structure is wedge block type, containing two sets of bearing support structure.

•  Used in mechanical transmission mechanism of various industries, also known as backstop or one-way bearings.