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Overrunning clutch coupling

•  The clutch automatically overruns or transmits torque for precise positioning and prevents reversal.

•  Its advantage is one-way self-locking reliable, reverse relief light, large bearing capacity.

•  The main structure is wedge block type, containing two sets of bearing support structure.

•  Used in mechanical transmission mechanism of various industries, also known as backstop or one-way bearings.

Overrunning clutch coupling

•  The clutch engages and disengages automatically, overtaking or transferring torque to prevent reversal.

•  Realize step clearance movement and precise positioning of the indexing, fast and slow conversion function.

•  The main structural form is roller type, one-way self-locking and backstop functions.

•  Used in mechanical transmission mechanism of metallurgy, lifting transport, packaging, industries, etc.