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Mill roll

•  Roller is an important components of rolling mill and has a long service life.

•  The heat treatment temperature is uniform, surface hardness is consistent, wear resistance is strong.

•  Refined raw materials, strict production technology, the roll can be processed convex surface.

•  Used for cold and hot rolling of carbon steel, alloy steel, copper aluminum and stainless steel strip.

Mill roll

•  Roller is an important consumption part of rolling mill and skinpass mill.

•  It has the characteristics of good wear-, thermal crack resistance, high precision, good surface hardness.

•  This roll can be machined to convex surface shape by a CNC roll grinder.

•  Used for cold rolling, hot rolling mill and skinpass mill of metallurgical black or non-ferrous metal.

Mill roll

•  Including hot rolling roll and cold rolling roll, which are important consumable parts of rolling mill.

•  Features surface quench layer deep, good wear resistance, long service life.

•  Enable it to be machined for obtaining the crown profiles by CNC roll grinder.

•  Used for carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel strip, wire production lines, etc.

Mill roll

•  Roller is an important consumable part of rolling mill and has a long service life.

•  The roll surface has high hardness and precision, good wear resistance and heat resistance.

•  Refined raw materials, strict production process, can be processed a variety of roller shapes.

•  Used as work roll, finishing roll for strip steel, wire rod, section steel and non-ferrous metal rolling.