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Hydraulic plunger pumps

•  Mainly composed of pump bodies, rotors, transmission shafts, plungers, oil distribution discs, seals, etc.

•  With high pressure, large flow rate, impact resistance, vibration resistance and reliable operation, etc.

•  The key parts are made of high quality materials and by CNC machining after heat treatment.

•  Applicable for the cases where high pressure, large flow rates and flow adjustment are required.

Hydraulic plunger pumps

•  For oil sucking and pressurizing by reciprocating movement of the plunger to change the sealed volume.

•  Features compact structure, high rated pressure, high efficiency and convenient flow regulation, etc.   

•  The key parts pump bodies are made of high quality materials, with corrosion and wear resistance.

•  For special hydraulic plunger pumps of steel mills, power plants, ports, oil drilling and other industries.

Hydraulic plunger pumps

•  The plunger of this pump is driven by eccentric rotation of the pump shaft for reciprocating movement.

•  Small volume, convenient variable mechanism layout, high reliability, impact resistance, long life, etc.

•  The key parts shafts are made of high quality materials, with high rigidity and impact resistance.

•  Applicable for construction, agricultural, injection molding, lifting, CNC machinery and other industries.

Hydraulic plunger pumps

•  The cylinder block tilts at an angle to the drive shaft to make the plunger reciprocates.

•  Convenient variable mechanism layout, strong self-suction, high efficiency and corrosion resistance, etc.

•  The key parts seals are made of high quality materials with good sealing performance.

•  Used in hydraulic transmission systems of forging, metallurgy, engineering, mining and ships, etc.

Hydraulic plunger pumps

•  Into radial plunger pump and axial plunger pump by the arrangement and the movement direction of the plunger.

•  Simple structure, light weight, small volume per unit power, stable operation and long life, etc.

•  The key parts oil distribution discs are made of high quality materials, with corrosion and wear resistance.

•  In hydraulic stations, machine tool processing, vehicles, environmental protection, agriculture and others.

Axial piston pump

Axial plunger pump is a plunger pump in which the reciprocating movement direction of the piston or plunger is parallel to the central axis of the cylinder, and works for changing the volume change through reciprocating movement of the plunger in the cylinder. Axial piston pump is widely used in hydraulic presses and engineering machinery where high pressure and high flow rate are applied, or flow need to be adjusted.