Sharing well-chosen industrial product supply chain,
Promoting industry advance.


MRO industrial product supply chain of full industry chain
Making industrial product procurement more reliable.

Selecting Industrial Products Globally——

Collecting Chinese quality product to blaze overseas service trail
Gathering global brand products to promote industry development

Professional, Well-chosen, Efficient and Credible

—— Cooperate sincerely with quality products and perfect service.

Welcome To Raiseway

Integrate diversified supply channels, share and select industrial products worldwide

About Raiseway

Hubei Raiseway company is a technology company subordinated to Wuhan L-KEWEI Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. Since founded in 2003, which has been engaged in full chain EPC service in metallurgical, mechanical and electrical field, including equipment design, manufacture, integration, supply, erection and commissioning, and has completed numerous construction projects of large-sized production line, through which we have accumulated abundant resources of well-chosen supply chains/suppliers in the industrial field.

Relying on these advantages, Raiseway integrates industrial product supply channels, cooperates closely with many well-known domestic and oversea mechanical and electrical suppliers and thousands of professional manufacturers, and builds up friendly partnership with hundreds of brand manufacturers. All these offer us the advantages in industrial product supply source, product price, delivery schedule and service, etc., and enable us set up one-stop procurement system in the full industrial chain.

We have experienced professional technicians and purchasing team characterized by rigorous work style, skillful quality control and price negotiation ability, and we are willing to share the high-quality and cost-effective products from our selective suppliers through the platform "Sharing Well-Chosen Industrial Product Supply Chain".

Professional & Sharable

Professional technical & procurement team and sharing platform makes procurement more reliable.

Aborative Selection & Authentic

Well-chosen industrial products from China and all over the world, ensuring authentic and quality products.

Full Industry Chain

All varieties and categories of products in industry sector from general product to non-standard customized products.

Efficient & Credible

One-stop MRO industrial product procurement service featuring efficient, complete and credible.

Customized Product

We can provide customized services for non-standard products. Customized Service

Other Help

If you can't find the product you need, please contact us. Email: sales@raiseway.net or Contact Us

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