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Steel lined shutoff valve

•  A valve whose valve flap is driven by the stem and moves up and down along the central axis of the seat.

•  Compact structure, flexible opening and closing, strong corrosion resistance, short stroke, reliable action.

•  Suitable for any concentration of acids, alkali, salts, alcohols, ketones and other solutions.

•  Used in pipeline systems of various corrosive medium delivery to connect or cut off the medium.

Shut-off valve

•  A valve prevents media flow by tight fit of sealing surfaces of the flap and the seat via stem pressure.

•  Reliable cut-off function, short opening and closing time, and strong corrosion resistance.

•  For water, HT steam, oils, various corrosive media, fluids containing solid particles or large viscosity.

•  Used for the cut-off, regulation and throttling of liquids.