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Laser welding machine of strip

•  On-line welding machine, butting and welding the tail with the head of two coils by means of laser.

•  Stable welding, fast speed, narrow weld, sufficient penetration, uniform microstructure, high weld strength.

•  Automatically controlling in pressure, speed, centering, shearing, butting and welding, process parameters.

•  Used in continuous strip production lines that require high welding quality in the metallurgical industry.

Narrow overlap welding machine

•  On-line welding machine, joining the tail with the head of two coils by overlap welding.

•  Using 3-phase MF DC, narrow overlap and rolling resistance seam welding, overlap amount adjusted steplessly;

•  Sound weld quality, small overlap amount, stable welding process, efficient, reliable performance.

•  Used for overlap welding of strip head and tail of strip processing line in metallurgical industry.