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Rotary side trimmer

•  The rotary side trimmer uses two disc blades to shear the strip edge.

•  Double cutterhead cantilever structure, cutterhead overlap, side gap and opening degree can be adjusted.

•  High strength stiffness, good speed synchronization, high precision, good shearing quality.

•  Suit for metallurgical industry pickling, rewinding, slitting and other production lines.

Scrap baller

    •  Scrap baller used for winding the scrap from rotary side trimmer, simple and practical, reliable running.

    •  Double conic structure makes fast clamping and coiling, even scrap laying, easy to operate and maintain.

    •  It winds the scrap cut from a whole coil continuously without interruption, easy to store and transport.

    •  Used for pickling, rewinding, shearing and other production lines.

Pinch leveler

•  Used for leveling the strip surface, improving strip shape, has a certain descaling effect.

•  It consists of stand frame, pinch roll, leveling roll, screwdown device and drive system.

•  The main frame is of open housing design, two pinch rolls and 5~9 leveling rolls.

•  Suit for strip pickling, rewinding, slitting, degreasing, galvanizing and other production lines.