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Mill roll

•  Roller is an important components of rolling mill and has a long service life.

•  The heat treatment temperature is uniform, surface hardness is consistent, wear resistance is strong.

•  Refined raw materials, strict production technology, the roll can be processed convex surface.

•  Used for cold and hot rolling of carbon steel, alloy steel, copper aluminum and stainless steel strip.

Hollow steel roll

•  The hollow steel roll is welded by the roll body and the shaft head or long shaft at both ends.

•  The material passing on the roll is pinched or turned under the force and drive rotation.

•  It has the advantages of high hardness, high temperature resistance and good balance performance.

•  Used in metallurgical industry production line, eg leveling, degreasing, rewinding, annealing, galvanizing etc.

Linear rolling guide-way

•  A precision guide part, supports and guides moving parts for high precision linear movement along the rail.

•  Four columns of circular arc guide rail structure, 45° contact angle and the rolling motion with the slider.

•  Accurate positioning, low friction resistance, strong carrying capacity, stable run, good interchangeability.

•  Used for precise positioning guide mechanism, industrial equipment, machine tools, automatic devices, etc.

Ball screw

•  A mechanical transmission element composed of screw, nut, ball and other parts.

•  For changing the rotational movement to linear movement, or convert torque to axial cyclic pressure.

•  With high accuracy, reversibility, high efficiency, interchangeability.

•  Used for machine tools, mechanical equipment or instruments, packaging machinery, medical equipment, etc.

Circular blade

•  The disc blade, used for cutting edge, longitudinal-cut or slitting of strip or sheet of various materials.

•  Use high-quality tool steel or alloy tool steel, according to the material to be cut and working conditions.

•  The blade has a sharp edge, does not collapse, wear resistance and long service life.

•  Apply to rotary side trimmer, longitudinal-cut shear and slitting shear, etc.

Cross-cut shear blade

•  The blade is cutting up and down, which is used for cross cutting and fixed-length cutting of coil or plate.

•  The edge is sharp, advantages of wear resistance, not collapse, good parallelism, smooth shearing incision.

•  Blade replacement is simple and convenient, high cutting amount of steel, long service life.

•  Suit for cross cutting shear, plate shearing machine and metal products processing line, etc.

Self-lubricating bushes

•  Wearing part is provided in the shaft bush and guide-way where the mechanical rotating and sliding.

•  The solid lubricant is inlaid and processed on the metal matrix, which can be self-lubricating.

•  High bearing capacity, strong self-lubricating, impact and high temperature resistance and long life.

•  Used for heavy duty, low speed mechanical equipment rotating & guiding occasions difficult to lubricate.

Air knife

•  Compressed air forms high-intensity shock airflow through the air knife for drying, dewatering, cooling dust.

•  Compact design, sturdy structure, mostly strip shape, with installation and thread connector.

•  High efficiency, low noise, even airflow, less air consumption, long service life.

•  For purging, blowing, dewatering, dust removal and drying of steel strip edge and parts surface, etc.

Rolling bearing

•  To support rotating shaft and the parts on the shaft, complete the various functions of mechanical movement.

•  Characterized by standardization, universality, strong interchangeability and high transmission efficiency.

•  Features as high precision, large load, high speed, small wear, reliable work, good performance.

•  The rolling bearing is widely used in mechanical transmission of various industries.

Disc spring

•  A dish shape spring made of plate metal or forging blank material, with variable stiffness characteristics.

•  Using different combinations of superposition and composites can change the characteristics of the spring.

•  Features as short stroke, large stiffness, strong shock absorption buffer, large load, compact installation.

•  For occasion with small axial space requirement in metallurgy, engineering, machine tools industries, etc.


•  A circular rubber ring, a sealing component most widely used in the hydraulic and pneumatic system.

•  Strong interchangeability, excellent sealing, easy assembly and replacement, wide application range.

•  Acid and alkali resistance, oil and temperature resistance, pressure resistance and other properties.

•  Suits for various sealing of a certain temperature, pressure, and different liquid or gas media.

Rubber lined roller

•  The rubber lined roll is composed of hollow steel roll and rubber lining layer.

•  Features high elasticity, high wear resistance, temperature resistance, low expansion and solvent resistance.

•  The rubber lined roll varieties cover industrial, printing, office automation cots three series.

•  Used in metallurgy, aluminum, paper, printing and dyeing, printing and other industries of production line.