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The rolls are important components of rolling mill, the main types of rolls include work roll, intermediate roll, backup roll, etc. They are widely used in the strip cold rolling lines, finishing lines, pickling lines, galvanizing lines and color-coating line, etc.

Hollow steel roll

The hollow steel roll is welded by the roll body and the shaft head or long shaft at both ends, e.g. steering roll, clamping roll, rectifying roll and tensioning roll are hollow steel rolls. The products are widely used in strip cold-rolling lines, temper rolling lines, pickling lines, galvanizing lines, and color-coating line, etc.

Linear rolling guide-way

As a precision linear rolling guide-way component, it has the advantages of high positioning accuracy, low friction resistance, strong carrying capacity, stable operation, easy installation, and interchangeability, and is widely used for various industrial equipment, precision CNC machine tools, precision instruments, etc.

Ball screw

The ball screw is used for changing the rotational movement to linear movement, or changing the linear movement to rotational movement. It features high positioning accuracy, low friction resistance and high speed. The screw is widely used in different industrial equipment, laser processing machinery, precise CNC machine tool, precise instrument and automatic production lines, etc.

Circular blade

The blade is of disc shape, and used for side trimmer the strip or sheets of different materials, various types of longitudinal-cut shears or slitting shears. Circular blade are widely used for the production lines, like, cold-rolling lines, pickling lines, galvanizing line, color-coating line, etc.

Cross-cut shear blade

The cross-cut shear blade is used for shearing strip head and tail or for cut-to-length shearing, or used for blanking in electromechanical, metallurgical and sheet metal processing sectors. Cross-cut shear blade are widely used in dividing shear, and the production lines, like, cold-rolling lines, pickling lines, galvanizing line, color-coating line, etc.

Self-lubricating bushes

Self-lubricating bushes are usually provided in the shaft bush and guide-way where the mechanical equipment will conduct swiveling, swinging and guiding movement. It is widely used in positions where the heavy-duty mechanical equipment moves at low-speed.

Air knife

The air knife is used for spraying the compressed air at the high speed from the slot to the objects for fast drying. It is widely used in cases where strip needs purging, drying and dewatering.

Rolling bearing

The rolling bearing is installed on the rotating shaft as a support to complete various functions of mechanical movement. They mainly bear radial and axial loads and are widely used in mechanical transmission in various industries.

Disc spring

The disc spring is one of the most widely used mechanical products and has been standardized. The springs function for buffering the force and vibration through different combination modes and are suitable for the cases where the axial space is small. They are suitable for pressure relief valves, automatic conversion devices, reset devices, clutches, etc


O-ring is widely used for static seal, dynamic seal, mechanical seal structure seal. It is applicable for pipelines, valves, hydraulic, lubrication and pneumatic equipment, and components of mechanical equipment of various industries.

Rubber lined roller

The rubber lined roll is composed of a hollow steel roll, and rubber lining layer. Deflector roll, bridle roll, steering roll, pinch roll, squeezing roll, printing roll, degreasing roll, coating roll and papermaking roll are all called rubber lined roll. They are widely used in the production lines, such as pickling, galvanizing, chrome plating, degreasing, insulation coating, color coating etc.