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Heavy duty encoder

The heavy duty encoder generate signals through photoelectric and magnetoresistive pulse scanning, and is used for variable speed drive and control unit working in harsh environment, or having tough requirement. The heavy duty encoder is widely used in heavy machinery of the sectors such as metallurgy, wind power, petroleum, port, mine and lifting, which work under heavy load and harsh environment.

Heavy duty encoder

As of heavy duty but compact design, this type of heavy duty encoder stands out for its excellent resistant to vibration and mechanical damage, and can withstand heavier axial and radial loads. heavy duty encoder is applicable for heavy industry and all other cases with heavy shaft load or harsh working conditions.

Stainless steel corrosion-resistant encoder

Mainly used in strong corrosive working conditions, this kind of compact encoder shows good resistance to mechanical damage, and is capable of bearing high axial and radial loads. The stainless steel corrosion-resistant encoder is suitable for being used in harsh working conditions such as pickling lines in metallurgical field and marine petrochemicals industry.