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Absolute encoder

•  A sensor measures rotational position or linear displacement, records absolute position versus a fixed point.

•  Encoded by mechanical positions, no memory, no reference points, with power cut memory, data retention.

•  High positioning accuracy, fast measuring speed, strong anti-interference, high data information reliability.

•  Suitable for the angular and position measurement of automation equipment in various industrial environments.

Absolute encoder

•  A sensor digitally represent the exact position, often used in motor positioning or speed measuring systems.

•  Encoded by mechanical positions, unique and not repeated for each position encoding, no need for memory.

•  Compact design, anti-vibration, fast response speed, strong anti-interference ability, wide measuring range.

•  For angle, length measurement and positioning control in various industrial automation systems.

Magnetic absolute encoder

•  Read the position data on the disc by sampling magnetic field variation.

•  Provide, transmit position values corresponding to the shaft via the SSI interface or the CAN bus interface.

•  Compact design, high measuring accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, accurate and reliable operation.

•  Suitable for harsh and complicated working environment and high-speed applications.