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Absolute encoder

The absolute encoder provides a unique encoded position value for each position of the shaft, and is always used in angular and position measurement. It is suitable for automation applications under various industrial environments.

Absolute encoder

This type of absolute encoder provides unique one-to-one encoded numeric position value of each shaft position for absolute positioning control or speed feedback mainly. The encoder is designed with the currently prevailing electrical interface. Its resolution can reach 16 bits max. for single-turn type, and 30 bits for multi-turn type. It also stands out for its high protection degree and strong anti-interference ability, and it is suitable for industrial automation application.

Magnetic absolute encoder

The magnetic absolute encoder reads the position data on the disc by sampling magnetic field variation, and provides and transmits the position value of the corresponding shaft through the SSI interface (synchronous serial interface) or the CAN bus interface. It is suitable for harsh and complicated working environment.