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Grinding wheel

•  Used for fine grinding, tool grinding, polishing, and for improving surface roughness of the workpieces.

•  A round consolidated grinding tool made of abrasives and binder by compacting, drying and roasting.

•  High hardness, good wear resistance, high grinding efficiency, good self-sharpening performance, long life.

•  Grinding hard, brittle and metal material workpieces of hard alloy, glass, ceramics, semiconductor, stone

Turnover machine

•  Running reliably and safely because of double-row chain drive and 4-cradle rollers mechanism.

•  Equipped with plain or V-shaped inclined table, with nylon lining board, and pallet groove structure.

•  Easy operation, overload protection, self-locking of power failure, alarm and remote control.

•  Used to turnover steel coils, sheets, spools, molds, barrels, coils, etc.

One-piece pneumatic baling machine

•  One-piece type, the tensioning, sealing and cutting functions are pneumatically carried out on one machine.

•  Portable pneumatic strapping tool machine, easy use, lightweight body to save effort in operation.

•  Suitable for strapping and packing of coil, pipe, plate, irregular surface and large products.

•  Used for packaging and bundling of goods with strong fluidity or production lines in industries.

Split type pneumatic baling machine

•  Pneumatic steel strap tensioner and steel strap sealer is a high degree  of mechanization baling tool.

•  Two machines must be used in combination to complete all baling (tensioning, locking, cutting).

•  Simple, safe and reliable, packing quickly, solid, low labor intensity and improve working efficiency.

•  Suit for all kinds of coils, tubes, profiles, irregular objects and other metal products binding packaging.

Hydraulic nut

•  A fast and accurate fastening tool for narrow space or the tightness of equipment with heavy load vibration.

•  The pressure is evenly distributed on the clamping collar to generate an axial jacking tightening force.

•  High accuracy, labor saving, large pre-tightening force, safe and reliable, easy to install and disassemble.

•  Widely used on clamping tools or systems that require rapid installation, precise positioning and safety.

One-piece pneumatic baling machine

•  Pneumatic integrated baling machine makes the tensioning, sealing and cutting functions together.

•  Advantages of compact structure, simple operation, convenient use, fast bundling and high efficiency.

•  Machine durability, used to baling coil, strip, profile, pipe, aluminum ingot, and large objects.

•  Suitable for all kinds of sites and goods sizes of packaging, is the production line essential tool.

Split type pneumatic baling machine

•  Put the tension and sealing functions on tension machine and sealing machine to jointly complete baling.

•  Small volume, light weight, strong mobility, simple operation, large pull force and high cost performance.

•  Suit for all kinds of coils, tubes, profiles, irregular objects and other metal products binding packaging.

•  Used for iron and steel and non-ferrous metal enterprises, and industries of goods packaging.

Spring balancer

•  Spring balancers, also known as elastic lifters, are efficient accessories for lifting workpieces or tools.

•  Advantages are small size, light weight, safe and reliable locking pin.

•  Suitable for automobile, machinery and home appliance industries or positioning work occasions.

•  Used for hanging heavy, long duration operating tools or equipment.

Spring balancer

•  Spring balancer, also known as spring crane, is an auxiliary tool for lifting workpieces.

•  Advantages are small size, light weight, strong wear resistance, safe and reliable lock pin.

•  Suitable for automobile, machinery and home appliance industries and other manufacturing assembly line.

•  Used for hand hanging or heavy tools and lifting portable equipment.

Flap disc

•  High-strength polyester disc planted abrasives by HV electrostatic field, for workpiece grinding, polishing.

•  All the abrasive particles are implanted in an oriented way and pointed outward to present a sharp surface.

•  High strength, strong wear resistance, high grinding efficiency, good polishing effect, good durability.

•  Widely used in different grinding applications of machining, automobile and other industries.

Cutting disc

•  The cutting disc is made of abrasive, bonding resins and other materials, for cutting materials.

•  Mainly divided into resin cutting wheels and diamond cutting wheels according to the material.

•  Sharp cutting, stable cutting accuracy, high efficiency, convenient and durable, good cutting quality.

•  To cut and blank common steel, stainless steel, non-metal in machinery, metallurgy and chemical industries.

Strip stitching die

•  A cold stamping die, used for stitching/riveting the tail of previous coil with the head of next coil.

•  Reliable four-guide posts die frame guidance ensures precise positioning & motion of the upper and lower dies.

•  Fast stitching can replace welding method in situation requiring a short time, and punch a detection hole.

•  For stitching thin strips of various sizes in color coating, pickling and aluminum strip lines, etc.