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Self-lubricating bushes

•  Wearing part is provided in the shaft bush and guide-way where the mechanical rotating and sliding.

•  The solid lubricant is inlaid and processed on the metal matrix, which can be self-lubricating.

•  High bearing capacity, strong self-lubricating, impact and high temperature resistance and long life.

•  Used for heavy duty, low speed mechanical equipment rotating & guiding occasions difficult to lubricate.

Self-lubricating bushes

•  Wearing part, set at the rotating part of the friction pair of mechanical equipment movement.

•  The inlaid type is based on wear-resistant metal material, the solid lubricant is embedded in the substrate.

•  Wear resistance, high bearing capacity, strong self-lubrication, high temperature resistance and long life.

•  Used in rotating and guiding parts of machinery that are difficult to lubricate and form oil film.

Self-lubricating bushes

•  Wearing part, used for mechanical rotating, sliding bush surface and guiding parts.

•  It is made of copper alloy matrix and embedded solid lubricating material and can be self-lubricating.

•  Small friction coefficient, high bearing capacity, high temperature and impact resistance, self lubrication.

•  Used for heavy duty, low speed, mechanical equipment and other moving parts difficult to form oil film.