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Acid pump

•  A special wear and corrosion-resistant chemical pump for various chemical solutions.

•  Double-layer structure, made of high-strength modified reinforced fiberglass composite material.

•  Suit for different working conditions, pickling line, acid circulating, acid transport, alkaline washing, etc.

•  Used as acid pump, pickling pump, acid circulation pump, acid transport pump, alkali pump, etc.

Chemical pump

•  The flow passage component adopt double throttle rings according to the hydraulic model, precision casting.

•  Pump body parts integrated processing and positioned via the rabbets, low energy consumption, low noise.

•  Suitable for conveying corrosive and special requirements mediums, etc.

•  Used for different working conditions, mainly for conveying pumps, horizontal chemical pumps, etc.

Special industrial pump

•  Non-metal splint special industrial pump, mechanical seal is built-in combination, no pressure sintering SiC.

•  Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good self-lubrication performance, high strength, long service life.

•  Suit for various acid, alkali, salt, solvent and liquids containing solid particles and easy to crystallize.

•  Used in various production lines, can also be called pickling pumps, transfer pumps, alkali pumps etc.

FRP centrifugal fans

The rigidity and yield strength of this series of FRP centrifugal fans impellers are the same as that o steel. The casing is of integral design made of super-grade resin, and protected with UV-proof plastic coating which will peel off or deteriorate for 5 years under seawater impact. Designed with oil bath bearings, it can overcome the corrosion of acid and alkali laden gas.

Metal fan

This series of metal fans are special for industrial application, and made of carbon steel or stainless steel or titanium alloy, or other metal materials. It's characterized by a wide range of use, using a variety of working conditions.

Scrubbing tower

The scrubbing tower functions for cleaning the off-gas and harmful gases produced in industrial production by means of diffusion and absorption effect resulted from counter flow of the acid/alkali-laden gas and water. It is applicable for photovoltaic, electronic semiconductor, petrochemical, metallurgical machinery, steel, electric power, environmental protection and water treatment industries.

Spray header

The spray header is an important device for cleaning the residues on the surface of the pickled strip. It is widely used in the process section of the pickling line.

Tank cover

•  Various tank covers are made of reinforced polypropylene (PPH) wound structure, high cost performance.

•  Anti-corrosion, heat-resistance, good air tightness and appearance, less maintenance, long service life.

•  Suit for hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, mixed acid waste gas, etc.

•  Used as the tank cover of pickling tank, alkali washing tank, electrolytic tank, electroplating tank, etc.

Tank body

•  Optimized structure and advanced welding process ensure the tank strength, air tightness and safety.

•  Excellent anticorrosion performance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging and long service life.

•  Suit for treatment of metal surface by hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid or Lye.

•  Used as pickling tank, alkaline washing tank, electrolytic tank and electroplating tank slow release tank.

FRP tower

The glass (fiber reinforced plastic)FRP tower is made with glass fiber as reinforcing agent and resin as binder. It is produced by winding process controlled by  microcomputer, which provides it with sound strength and impermeability.

Plastic heat exchanger

Plastic heat exchanger is a new generation of corrosion-resistant, efficient and energy-saving equipment, which is widely used in pickling lines, electroplating lines, phosphating lines and other process lines where strong oxidizing and corrosive media are heated.

Tubular graphite condenser

The tubular graphite condenser is a heat exchanging device that takes away the heat of gas or steam, and converts the medium from gaseous phase to the liquid phase. It is widely used for the gas or steam condensing applications in the process lines of metallurgical, chemical, environmental protection, pharmacy, dyeing, foodstuff, chemical fiber and other industries.