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Rotary hydraulic cylinder

The rotary hydraulic cylinder is an actuator used for changing  reciprocating linear movement to rotary movement through the rack and gear in order to convert thrust force to the output torque of the gear shaft. This kind of rotary hydraulic cylinder is applicable for the cases where available space is small but large torque is required for the limited rotary movement.

Hydraulic plunger pumps

By reciprocating movement of the plunger in the cylinder to change the sealed volume, the hydraulic plunger pumps works for oil sucking and pressurizing. It is applicable for the cases where high pressure and high flow pumping, and flow adjustment are required.

Metallurgical hydraulic cylinders

This series of metallurgical hydraulic cylinders features highly safe and reliable performance, and capable of working normally even in harsh service environments. The cylinders see wide applications in hydraulic drive systems of metallurgical industry or the case with poor working conditions.

Engineering hydraulic cylinders

This series of engineering hydraulic cylinders are actuators which provide  hydraulic power for realizing reciprocating linear movement. The engineering hydraulic cylinders are applicable for different hydraulic transmission systems of different industries.

Hydraulic gear motors

Hydraulic gear motors is of three-vane design mainly composed of a front cover, intermediate body, rear cover, gears, and pressure plates. The hydraulic gear motors is widely used in hydraulic transmission systems of various sectors.

Heavy-duty cylinder

This series of cylinders are actuators performing reciprocating linear movement in pneumatic systems. The heavy-duty cylinder is widely used in pneumatic drive systems in various industries.

Pneumatic plunger motors

Pneumatic plunger motors is applicable for the cases requiring low-speed and high-torque operation. When it runs at low speed, it provides good speed control with less air consumption. This kind of pneumatic plunger motors sees wide application in pneumatic drive of various industries.

Rotary pneumatic cylinder

The rotary pneumatic cylinder is an actuator used for changing reciprocating movement of the piston to rotary movement of the output shaft through the rack and gear. This kind of rotary pneumatic cylinder is applicable for the pneumatic drive systems of different fields.

Tubular oil cooler

In this tubular oil cooler, water flows through inside tubes and oil flows through the space among the tubes in the cylinder with the oil flow deflected by the divert plate. The cooler adopts two-pass or four-pass flowing to enhance the cooling effect. It is widely used in hydraulic systems of various fields.

Pneumatic triplet

The air filter, pressure reducing valve and mist lubricator constitute a FRL unit(pneumatic triplet). The incoming air passes through the air filter for cleaning before flowing to the pressure reducing valve to stabilize the air source pressure for delivering stable air, and then, it runs to the mist lubricator and the lubricated mist is mixed with the compressed air for being conveyed to the pneumatic drive unit.

Flexible hose assembly

The flexible hose assembly is a flexible connection component made of middle rubber hose and different steel pipe fittings at its both end for mechanical buckling connection to convey oil, water and other media.

Pneumatic vane motor

This kind of pneumatic vane motor is applicable for cases requiring variable speed and small torque, and is widely used in pneumatic drive systems in various sectors.