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Absolute encoder

•  A sensor measures rotational position or linear displacement, records absolute position versus a fixed point.

•  Encoded by mechanical positions, no memory, no reference points, with power cut memory, data retention.

•  High positioning accuracy, fast measuring speed, strong anti-interference, high data information reliability.

•  Suitable for the angular and position measurement of automation equipment in various industrial environments.

Heavy duty encoder

•  Generate signals through photoelectric and magnetoresistive pulse scanning.

•  Unique gap allows greater distance between the rotor/optical disc and the sensor, prevent scratching problem.

•  Good rigidity, shockproof and vibration proof, sound durability and reliability.

•  Used in heavy load, harsh environment and demanding variable speed transmission and control applications.

Incremental encoder

•  Provides a number of square wave pulses or sine-cosine pulse signals as the shaft rotates a certain angle.

•  The counting point can be set freely, which can realize the multi-turn infinite accumulation and measurement.

•  Simple structure, good compatibility, high reliability, long average life, strong anti-interference ability.

•  For shaft speed feedback of industrial automation site, relative positioning control, rotation angle, stroke.

CCD linear scanning sensor

•  Accurately detect the strip edge and center positions, used for strip edge position control system (EPC).

•  With integrated control unit and interchangeable lens, flexible application, easy operation and maintenance.

•  Fast response, high accuracy, automatic detection, long service life and good stability.

•  For online correction and automatic edge alignment in metallurgy, electroplating strip production lines, etc.

Photoelectric sensor

•  Converts measured non-electrical physical variables to light signals, then to electrical signals for control.

•  Can detect non-electrical physical variation that directly leads to or can be converted to light change.

•  High resolution, quick response, non-contact, reliable performance and few restrictions on detected objects.

•  Widely used in detection, control, industrial automation equipment and robots, etc.

Pressure sensor

•  A device for sensing the pressure signal and converting it to a usable electrical signal via a certain rule.

•  Compact and robust design, high accuracy, good stability, flexible installation and easy operation.

•  The current system pressure can be recorded quickly and reliably through its LED display.

•  Monitor and measure gaseous, liquid and viscous media pressure in various industrial automation environments.

Limit switch

•  An electrical component that switches circuits based on the position of moving parts for position detection.

•  Consists of an operating head, contact system and housing, the contact is reliable.

•  Simple structure, good electrical and mechanical property, reliable performance and fast operation speed.

•  Position limit, intermediate position detection, end protection in metallurgy, tools, lifting machinery, etc.

Armored temperature sensor

•  Integrated armor material, welded temperature measuring element, magnesia oxide powder and protective sleeve.

•  Stainless steel housing, thickened protective cap, imported temperature chip and can be bent in installation.

•  Quick response, less dynamic error, wide measuring range, high mechanical strength, good pressure resistance.

•  In industrial automation equipment and petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power process control field.

Width gauge of hot rolled strip

•  A non-contact photoelectric measuring device for high precision online measurement of hot rolled strip width.

•  With the functions of comprehensive diagnosis, online calibration and verification, online measurement, etc.

•  Fast head response speed and data processing speed, high measurement accuracy and long service life.

•  For online steel strip width measurement in the rough rolling and finishing rolling line of hot rolling line.

Servo controller

•  A controller, a part of the servo system to control the servo motor mainly for high-precision driving system.

•  Control the servo motor in a way of position control, speed control and torque control.

•  Speed, position deviation, torque monitoring functions and over-current, over-voltage protection functions.

•  For industrial robots, manipulators, production lines, CNC, food processing, material conveying equipment.

Torque controller

•  With open loop and closed loop control, can keep the tension in allowable range after the line speed changes.

•  Stepless speed regulation of motor via thyristor, stable voltage regulation, good starting performance.

•  Accurate and sensitive control, stable run, strong anti-interference ability, simple design and maintenance.

•  For that the tension is constant while coiling products, and motor performance matches the winding operation.

Heavy duty encoder

•  Heavy load structure design, with good vibration resistance, high electromagnetic interference resistance.

•  Excellent mechanical damage resistance performance, can withstand heavier axial and radial loads.

•  Shockproof, good durability, high resolution, can meet the precision control, ensure the heavy load safety.

•  For various heavy industries and all other cases with heavy shaft loads.