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Absolute encoder

The absolute encoder provides a unique encoded position value for each position of the shaft, and is always used in angular and position measurement. It is suitable for automation applications under various industrial environments.

Heavy duty encoder

The heavy duty encoder generate signals through photoelectric and magnetoresistive pulse scanning, and is used for variable speed drive and control unit working in harsh environment, or having tough requirement. The heavy duty encoder is widely used in heavy machinery of the sectors such as metallurgy, wind power, petroleum, port, mine and lifting, which work under heavy load and harsh environment.

Incremental encoder

The incremental encoder is mainly used for shaft rotation speed feeding back, relative positioning control, and rotation angle and stroke measuring. The encoder provides a certain number of square wave pulses or sinus-cosinus pulse signal as the shaft rotates a certain angle.

SMI inductive sensor

The SMI inductive sensor detects the strip based on measurement principle of electromagnetic induction. Together with the control system and servo valve, it forms the plate-belt alignment system(CPC). SMI inductive sensor is widely used for on-line correction of different kinds of strip production lines in the fields of machinery, metallurgy, electroplating and so on.

CCD linear scanning sensor

The CCD linear scanning sensor is capable of accurately detecting the strip edge and center positions, it constitutes strip edge position control system together with the control system and servo valve to achieve automatic strip centering during operation to keep the strip edge always running within the allowable deviation range.

Photoelectric sensor

The photoelectric sensor is an infrared modulation type nondestructive sensor with high-efficiency infrared light-emitting diodes and photosensitive triodes as photoelectric conversion elements. It features fast response and a receiver that is protected from external interference. Widely used in metallurgy, completion and other industries as input interface signal.

Pressure sensor

The pressure sensor is a device used for sensing the pressure signal and converting it to a usable electrical signal according to a certain rule. The BSP series pressure sensor is widely used in various industrial automation environments, and especially suitable for monitoring and measuring the pressure of gaseous, liquid and viscous media.

Limit switch

The limit switch is an electrical component that switches the circuit according to the position of the moving part. It consists of an operating head, contact system and housing. It is suitable for limiting the position, detecting intermediate position, end point protection of metallurgical equipment, machine tools, lifting machinery and other equipment.

Armored temperature sensor

The sensor converts the sensed temperature to adequate output signal. It is equipped with thickened protective cap, imported temperature chip, and can be bent in installation. The armored temperature sensor can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gaseous media as well as the temperature of solid surfaces in different production processes.

Width gauge of hot rolled strip

The width gauge of hot rolled strip is a non-contact photoelectric measuring instrument, of which two electronic line-scan cameras perform line scan along the strip width to accurately detect the position and angle of the both edges of the strip, and output the strip width signal, width deviation from the setpoint, and center line deviation, etc. Generally, the gauge is used for online width measurement in harsh environments such as hot rolling line.

Servo controller

Servo controller, as a part of the servo system, is used to control the servo motor in a way of position control, speed control and torque control. It is mainly used for high-precision positioning of the drive system.

Torque controller

The torque controller is a supporting device of mechatronics torque motor, which can keep the tension within the allowable range under the condition of constant change of the line speed. It is suitable for the applications where the tension needs to remain almost constant while the machine is coiling the products, and where the motor performance shall match the winding operation.