There are 3 Products

Level transmitter

•  A sensor measures liquid/solid particle level, converts the level signal to an electrical one and outputs it.

•  Allow direct and remote mounting, balanced and tuned-system, can meet various demands for level measurement.

•  Simple installation, easy to use, strong interchangeability, high measurement accuracy, long service life.

•  Widely used in level measurement and control in the fields of urban water supply, oil, reservoir, dam, etc.

Pressure transmitter

•  An instrument converts the pressure variable sensed to standard output signal according to a certain ratio.

•  Converts physical parameters of gas/liquid received to standard electrical signals by the measuring circuit.

•  Compact design, shock-proof, vibration resistance, high accuracy, wide measurement range.

•  For measuring liquid level, density and pressure in mechanical manufacturing, hydraulic, control fields.

Integrated temperature transmitter

•  Converts temperature variables to transmissible standardized output signals for accurate measurement/control.

•  Integrates temperature sensor and signal processing, full stainless steel housing, standard outgoing feeder.

•  Compact and robust design, anti-interference ability, high measurement accuracy, good long-term stability.

•  For field temperature measuring and process control in water supply, hydraulic and other automation projects.