There are 3 Products

Grinding wheel

•  Used for fine grinding, tool grinding, polishing, and for improving surface roughness of the workpieces.

•  A round consolidated grinding tool made of abrasives and binder by compacting, drying and roasting.

•  High hardness, good wear resistance, high grinding efficiency, good self-sharpening performance, long life.

•  Grinding hard, brittle and metal material workpieces of hard alloy, glass, ceramics, semiconductor, stone

Flap disc

•  High-strength polyester disc planted abrasives by HV electrostatic field, for workpiece grinding, polishing.

•  All the abrasive particles are implanted in an oriented way and pointed outward to present a sharp surface.

•  High strength, strong wear resistance, high grinding efficiency, good polishing effect, good durability.

•  Widely used in different grinding applications of machining, automobile and other industries.

Cutting disc

•  The cutting disc is made of abrasive, bonding resins and other materials, for cutting materials.

•  Mainly divided into resin cutting wheels and diamond cutting wheels according to the material.

•  Sharp cutting, stable cutting accuracy, high efficiency, convenient and durable, good cutting quality.

•  To cut and blank common steel, stainless steel, non-metal in machinery, metallurgy and chemical industries.