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Chemical pump

•  The flow passage component adopt double throttle rings according to the hydraulic model, precision casting.

•  Pump body parts integrated processing and positioned via the rabbets, low energy consumption, low noise.

•  Suitable for conveying corrosive and special requirements mediums, etc.

•  Used for different working conditions, mainly for conveying pumps, horizontal chemical pumps, etc.

Vertical multi stage centrifugal pump

•  The pump is a multistage, segmental structure centrifugal pump with a steel shell housing.

•  Wear-proof mechanical shaft seal, high efficiency&energy saving, less leakage, easy disassembly&maintenance.

•  For conveying of clean water or media with similar physical and chemical behavior.

•  As conveying, water supply, stabilized pressure, circulation boosting pumps in different working conditions.

High temperature chemical pump

•  As a single-stage single-suction centrifugal chemical pump, the flow part is made of 321, 304, 316L, CD4MCu.

•  Good thermal adaptability, reliable sealing without leakage, high efficiency, low noise.

•  Suitable for conveying corrosive high temperature liquids without solid particles.

•  Used in various production lines, such as pickling pump, acid circulating pump, acid conveying pump, etc.

No-leakage self-control self-suction pump

•  A non-sealed self control self-suction pump.

•  Superior self-control ability, wear resistance, continuous self-priming except for the initial flow inducing.

•  Suitable for liquids containing solid particles, oily sewage and other liquids.

•  As a conveying pump, can replace long axis submersible pump, submersible pump and submersible sewage pump.

Non-clogging self-priming pump

•  A new type, high efficiency single stage single suction non-clogging self-priming centrifugal pump.

•  With strong self-priming ability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low noise, easy maintenance, etc.

•  For any concentration corrosive liquids with a small amount of solid particles and are easy to crystallize.

•  Used as a conveying pump, or for the occasions of liquid inhalation.

Self priming sewage pump

•  A kind of clogging-free sewage pump.

•  With strong self-priming ability with no necessity of installing valve at the bottom of the suction pipeline.

•  For the sewage containing larger solid particles, fibrous materials and various impurities.

•  Used as a conveying pump, and also can be used as water drainage pump or pulp pump, etc.

Single-stage single-suction centrifugal clean water pump

•  A kind of axial suction single-stage centrifugal pump.

•  With the advantages of simple structure, reliable sealing and no leakage, high efficiency and low price.

•  For conveying clean water or other liquids with similar physical and chemical behavior.

•  Used for water supply and drainage, used as a circulating pump, conveying pump, etc.

Slurry pump

•  Combines advanced hydraulic technology of standard pump and eddy action of embedded impeller.

•  With reliable sealing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, etc.

•  For fragile solids and viscous or fibrous slurries pumping and larger particles to pass through.

•  For pharmaceutical, chlor-alkali, rough machining, large diameter solid, thin mud, waste liquid treatment.

Wear-resistant slurry pump

•  A cantilever horizontal centrifugal slurry pump.

•  With low energy consumption, wear resistance, low noise, long service life, etc.

•  Suitable for coal slime, silt, gravel, ash and other media.

•  Used as a conveying pump and other pumps.