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Spray header

•  A spray device controlling the medium spray direction and range in pickling, absorption and cleaning process.

•  Composed of the tank body, nozzle, connector, etc., can pass clear water or acid and alkali rinsing water.

•  Anti-corrosion, anti-high temperature, anti-wear, low fluid resistance, good spray effect, easy installation.

•  For cleaning, cooling, dust removal and other occasions in steel, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.

Spray header

•  An important device to rinse the strip steel surface residues of the steel cold rolling treatment unit.

•  Several solid cone nozzles or fan nozzles are designed along the length direction on each spray header.

•  Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging, uniform spray, easy replacement.

•  Cleaning the strip steel surface of pickling, continuous annealing, galvanizing, degreasing processing units.

Spray header

•  One of the most widely used spray equipment in industrial production.

•  Simple structure, corrosion resistance, good spray effect and quick replacement.

•  For water spray, or other media spray.

•  For cleaning and purification of chemically corrosive industries, can pass acid, alkali solutions and water.