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Special ball valve

The special ball valve stands out for reliable sealing behavior, and rapid opening, and is suitable of on/off control and shutoff control. It is widely used in petroleum pipeline systems, long-distance pipeline, and the pipelines of chemical, papermaking, municipal, steel, aviation and other industries.

Butterfly valve

The butterfly valve opens/closes through 90° swiveling of the disc to control the fluid to make the fluid flow connected or cut-off in the pipeline. Two types of ball valves are available: full plastic and steel lined type. It is widely used in corrosive medium piping systems of chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, electric power, light and textile industries.

Diaphragm valve

The diaphragm valve is a type of shut-off valve with diaphragm as element to close the flow path, cut off the fluid, and separate the inner cavity of the valve body from the inner cavity of the valve bonnet. They are applicable for pipeline systems of the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and electric power industries.

Control valves

The control valves are composed of actuators and valves generally, which are used for regulating the process parameters such as medium flow, pressure, temperature, and level in the application of industrial automation control. We always see them in pipeline systems of petroleum, petrochemical, coal, chemical, metallurgical and pharmaceutical industries. 

Steel lined shutoff valve

With steel lined shutoff valve flap designed with non-balanced, straight-through flow path, the shut-off valve operates in a way of fully opening or fully closing. It is always used in pipeline systems of chemical, petroleum, pharmacy, electric power and other industries.

High performance double offset butterfly valve

The high performance double offset butterfly valve mainly functions for flow shutoff and throttling of the pipeline. As a regulating and shutoff component, it is applicable for water drainage system of water plants, power plants, steel plant, chemical industry, environmental facilities construction.

3-Way pneumatic diaphragm control valve

The valve is a special valve for three-way control, and two types are available, i.e. the mixing type and diverting. The former one is mainly used to mix two fluids for producing a third fluid, and latter is to diverting one stream of fluid into two steams. 3-way pneumatic diaphragm control valve is widely used for regulation and control of liquid, gas and steam, etc.

Angle valve

Designed with right-angled body and simple but low resistance flow path, the control valve is suitable for the regulation applications involving high differential pressure, high viscosity, suspended solids and particles. Angle valve is often used in the process pipeline that requires right-angle connection or bottom inlet and side outlet, and in the pipeline where side inlet and bottom outlet is required for extending the service life of the valve cartridge.

Check valve

The check valve is a kind of one-way valve that prevents back flowing of the medium by means of its gravity and medium pressure. It is applicable for corrosive media piping systems, drainage systems of various industries, and the cases where installation space is limited. 

Foot valve

The foot valve is generally installed at the bottom of the submerged suction pipe of the pump as a safety valve for filtering impurities. It is widely used together with various centrifugal pumps and self-priming pumps by the chemical, petroleum and metallurgical industries in the pipeline system for conveying strong corrosive medium.

Shut-off valve

The shut-off valve is very suitable for the cases where corrosion and friction-resistant application and cut-off function are required and is quite popular in pipeline systems of chemical, shipbuilding, medicine industries and food machinery, etc.

Special ball valve

The special ball valve is the one with flap swiveling around the valve axis through the valve stem. It has advantages of high durability simple, corrosion resistance and non-oxidation, fast opening and tight closing. This type is seen popular in the pulp fluid or corrosive medium pipelines of chemical, petroleum, pharmacy, electric power, and steel industries, etc.