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Ball valve

•  A valve in which the valve core is driven by the valve stem to rotates around the axis of the valve.

•  Simple and compact structure, rapid opening and closing, good sealing, friction resistance.

•  For corrosive media, solid particles, slurry, pulverized coal and other media of different working conditions.

•  Used in the high temperature, high pressure, corrosive medium pipeline systems.

Diaphragm valve

•  A valve with diaphragm to close the flow path, cut off the fluid, separate the inner cavity from the bonnet.

•  Excellent corrosion resistance, easy operation, no leakage, long service life.

•  For media of low pressure and temperature, strongly corrosive media or fluid containing suspended solid.

•  Used in the corrosive medium delivery, cut-off pipeline systems.

Control valves

•  Control elements used to change process parameters such as medium flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level.

•  Compact structure, wide range of adjustability, reliable performance, good stability.

•  Suitable for air, water, steam, all kinds of corrosive media, mud, oil products and other media.

•  Used to adjust and control process parameters in industrial automation process control.

Steel lined shutoff valve

•  A valve whose valve flap is driven by the stem and moves up and down along the central axis of the seat.

•  Compact structure, flexible opening and closing, strong corrosion resistance, short stroke, reliable action.

•  Suitable for any concentration of acids, alkali, salts, alcohols, ketones and other solutions.

•  Used in pipeline systems of various corrosive medium delivery to connect or cut off the medium.

High performance double offset butterfly valve

•  The valve disc and stem adopt double offset design, two-way sealing, zero leakage.

•  Solid and reliable, high performance, high pressure and temperature resistance, easy maintenance, long life.

•  For corrosive chemicals, water, gas, acid and alkali, hydrogen carbide and many other fluids.

•  Can be used as the main shut-off valve, check valve, throttle valve, switch and control valve, etc.

3-Way pneumatic diaphragm control valve

•  The special regulating valve for three-way control has two structural types: converging and diverging valves.

•  Less pressure loss, large flow capacity, low noise, small unbalanced force and large differential pressure.

•  Compact structure, high control accuracy, accurate flow coefficient.

•  For the regulation and control of the liquid, gas, steam and other media.

Angle valve

•  A valve with top diverting design, often used in right-angle connection or bottom inlet and side outlet.

•  With right-angled body, single diverting structure spool, multi-spring pneumatic diaphragm actuator.

•  Compact structure, high flow rate, wide control range, less flow path resistance.

•  To regulate the fluid with high-viscosity, suspended solids and particles for self-purification and cleaning.

Check valve

•  A check valve that blocks the medium backflow, mainly installed on the pipe with one-way flow of the medium.

•  Simple and compact design, corrosion resistance, prevention of medium backflow.

•  For sewage, steam, gas, corrosive media, oils, medicine and other media, etc.

•  In corrosive medium pipeline and sewage systems, pipe network with limited mounting space and high pressure.

Foot valve

•  Installed at submerged suction pipe bottom of the pump to filter impurities, protect the pump from blocking.

•  With acid, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.

•  For different working conditions, pickling line, sewage treatment line, mariculture, alkaline cleaning, etc.

•  Can be used with various kinds of centrifugal pumps, self-priming pumps and delivery pumps.

Shut-off valve

•  A valve prevents media flow by tight fit of sealing surfaces of the flap and the seat via stem pressure.

•  Reliable cut-off function, short opening and closing time, and strong corrosion resistance.

•  For water, HT steam, oils, various corrosive media, fluids containing solid particles or large viscosity.

•  Used for the cut-off, regulation and throttling of liquids.

Ball valve

•  A valve driven by the valve stem and swiveled around the axis of the ball valve.

•  Simple and compact structure, reliable sealing, good corrosion resistance and heat stability.

•  Suitable for drinking water, hot water, brine, acid and alkali, chemical solution and other media.

•  Used in the fluid or corrosive medium delivery and discharge of the pipeline systems.

Check valve

•  A valve with round flap, preventing the medium from backflow through its own gravity and medium pressure.

•  Simple and compact design, reliable sealing, corrosion resistance, prevention of medium backflow.

•  Suitable for water, air, oil, corrosive chemical liquids, etc.

•  Used in corrosive medium piping systems and water drainage systems where installation space is limited.