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Standard photoelectric sensor

The standard photoelectric sensor, working based on the photoelectric technology, converts the measured non-electrical physical variables to the light signals, which will be then converted to the electrical signal for control. It is widely used in detection, control, industrial automation equipment and robots, etc.

Photoelectric sensor

The photoelectric sensor is an infrared modulation type nondestructive sensor with high-efficiency infrared light-emitting diodes and photosensitive triodes as photoelectric conversion elements. It features fast response and a receiver that is protected from external interference. Widely used in metallurgy, completion and other industries as input interface signal.

Cold metal detector

Generally, the cold metal detector (CMD) is used to detect non-transparent objects with temperature less than 1000°C, and it functions as an important field detection component in wire rod production line. The detector is mainly used in metallurgical industry systems for position detection of the moving non-transparent objects.

Hot metal detector

The hot metal detector (HMD) is used to identify the front end and direction of the moving hot metal. It is widely used for detecting the position of hot metal of various shapes like blanks, strip and bar in continuous casting and hot rolling production lines, etc.

Safety light grid

The safety light grid is a photoelectric safety protection device that provides protection in dangerous area for the fingers, palms, ankles and human body. It also used for area protection and access protection with the aim of constituting an intrinsic safety.

Safety light grid

Composed of a set of transmitters and receivers, the safety light grid is a kind of photoelectric equipment that provides protection for the workers working around various dangerous devices, and prevents people from approaching mobile machinery. It is mainly used in the cases where safety protection is required.