There are 6 Products

Photoelectric sensor

•  Converts measured non-electrical physical variables to light signals, then to electrical signals for control.

•  Can detect non-electrical physical variation that directly leads to or can be converted to light change.

•  High resolution, quick response, non-contact, reliable performance and few restrictions on detected objects.

•  Widely used in detection, control, industrial automation equipment and robots, etc.

Photoelectric sensor

•  Infrared modulation detection, with infrared diodes and photosensitive triodes for photoelectric conversion.

•  With sensitivity adjustment and action delay, can detect transparent, translucent, opaque objects.

•  Stable performance, fast response, shock and vibration resistance, and the receiver is interference proof.

•  To provide input interface signals for automatic production line, civil building modernization and computer.

Cold metal detector

•  An important field detection element in wire production line to detect non-transparent objects below 1000°C.

•  Adopting phase comparison concept for measurement, the measurement result is accurate up to mm level.

•  Strong interference proof, long sensing distance, reliable work and can be used in harsh conditions.

•  Used in metallurgical industry systems for position detection of the moving non-transparent objects.

Hot metal detector

•  Detect infrared signals and identify front end and direction using circular/linear array scanning principle.

•  Full metal protected housing, can work continuously, stably and reliably in the harsh environments.

•  Temperature compensation system helps it work in extremely variable temperature environment.

•  Mainly used in hot rolling, heat treatment, positioning, slitting, etc. (applicable for steam environment).

Safety light grid

•  A photoelectric safety protection device that provides protection in dangerous area via light grid.

•  Non-contact protection system with diversified optional protection degrees and auto/manual reset functions.

•  Large action range and high sensitivity, can accurately detect the entry and movement of the target object.

•  For places covering a large area, such as automated production lines, suspended transmission lines, etc.

Safety light grid

•  Composed of a set of transmitters and receivers, mainly used in cases where safety protection is required.

•  High safety performance, strong stability, good vibration and light interference resistance.

•  Small volume and a long acting distance, can accurately detect the position and size of the target object.

•  For detection and positioning of smaller objects, often used in machining, robot operation and other fields.