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High performance double offset butterfly valve

•  The valve disc and stem adopt double offset design, two-way sealing, zero leakage.

•  Solid and reliable, high performance, high pressure and temperature resistance, easy maintenance, long life.

•  For corrosive chemicals, water, gas, acid and alkali, hydrogen carbide and many other fluids.

•  Can be used as the main shut-off valve, check valve, throttle valve, switch and control valve, etc.

Butterfly valve

•  Opens or closes through 90° swiveling of the disc to control the fluid to make the flow connected or cut-off.

•  Chemical corrosion resistance, good flame retardancy, compact structure and beautiful appearance.

•  For water, corrosive liquids, oil, etc.

•  Used in sewage, seawater, acid, alkali and chemical solutions and other corrosive media pipeline systems.