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Plate heat exchanger

•  Constituted by a set of laminated corrugated sheets to exchange the heat through plates.

•  Independent units sheets, increase or decrease sheet number can change the heat transfer area or flow length.

•  Compact structure, less area occupation, high heat transfer efficiency, flexible operation.

•  For heat exchange equipment for cooling or heating in machinery, metallurgy, HVAC and other industries.

Tubular heat exchanger

•  A device of cold and hot fluid heat exchange with wall of tube bundle in the shell as heat transfer surface.

•  Heat difference compensation device used to overcome difference stress between the tube wall and shell wall.

•  Simple structure, large processing ability, strong adaptability, flexible operation.

•  For high temperature and pressure or need for large-sized heat exchangers in chemical and petroleum industry.

Plate heat exchanger

•  Flat rectangular pass formed between the sheets, the heat exchanges through plates.

•  Heat transfer elements composed of several laminated sheets can change the heat transfer area or flow length.

•  Energy saving, compact structure, high heat transfer efficiency, convenient maintenance.

•  For various working conditions heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation, waste heat recovery, etc.

Tubular heat exchanger

•  A wall type heat exchanger with wall surface of the tube bundle in the shell as the heat transfer surface.

•  Sturdy structure, strong adaptability, wide range of materials, large flow area, good heat transfer effect.

•  For the heat transfer of various fluid media, including the gas, liquid and steam.

•  Used as condensers, heaters, evaporators, coolers, etc.