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Ultrasonic sensor

•  As non-contact sensor, the ultrasonic sensor converts ultrasonic signals to other energy signals.

•  Output as switching signal or analog signal, reliably detect, count objects, accurately measure the distance.

•  Can detect positions or detect targets in solid, powder and liquid media.

•  Used to measure the material level, height and perpendicularity, check the existence and count the objects.

Ultrasonic sensor

•  Used for sensing the measured objects via ultrasonic media in a non-contact and loss-free way.

•  Can detect transparent or colored objects, metal or non-metal objects, solid, liquid and powder substances.

•  Temperature sensor and compensation circuit can compensate for working distance change by temperature change.

•  For metal non-destructive detection, ultrasonic thickness measuring, reversing radar, disease diagnosis, etc.

Ultrasonic sensor

•  Used to detect the object distance, the presence and the movement of the object via ultrasonic media.

•  With piezoelectric ceramics as the transmitter and receiver of sound waves, digital and analog outputs.

•  High accuracy, wide sensing distance and stable operation as well as strong versatility.

•  For detecting transparent or colored objects, metal or non-metal objects, solid, liquid, etc.