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Throttle valve

•  A flow control valve that is simple and accurately adjusts the speed of the actuator.

•  It features simple structure, flexible adjustment, convenient use and maintenance.   

•  The orifice of the valve is of axial triangular groove throttle structure.

•  It is mainly used in the inlet throttling, outlet throttling and bypass throttling circuits.

Throttle valve

•  A valve that controls the fluid flow rate by changing the throttling section or length.

•  With compact structure, stepless speed regulation and high accuracy of flow regulation.

•  The valve needle and spool are made of hard alloy, with wear resistance and impact resistance.

•  It is suitable for oil, natural gas, chemical industry, oil refining, hydropower and other industries.

One-way throttle valve

•  A valve that controls fluid flow by changing the throttled section or throttled length.

•  The throttle valve and the check valve are combined in parallel, functioning for one-way speed regulation.

•  Simple structure, large range of flow regulation, small fluid resistance, wide range of application.

•  Widely used in the speed regulation and time delay circuit of the hydraulic control system.