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Brushless DC motor driver

The brushless DC motor driver is mainly used to drive brushless DC motors and is widely selected in industrial automation, logistics sorting, medical equipment, smart home, security monitoring, industrial fan, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and other applications.

Linear servo driver

Linear servo drivers (amplifiers) are applicable for the fields h special requirements. Compared with common switching type PWN servo driver, they enable smooth driving that is free of torque ripple and electromagnetic switching noise, and are designed with high bandwidth circuit that permits it driving motors with ultra-small inductance.

Servo driver

Servo driver, as a part of servo system, is used for controlling servo motor in a way of position control, speed control and torque control, but mainly for high-precision drive system positioning.

S120 AC/AC drive for single axis application

AC/AC frequency converter for single-axis control application is usually known as S120 AC/AC drive for single axis application. Its powerful positioning function enables absolute and relative positioning of the infeeding axis. It can be used for the driving motor of high-speed stackers, and material conveyor of converter steel-making plant.

S120 DC/AC drive for multi-axis applications

The DC/AC inverter on DC power bus is usually known as Sinamics S120 multi-axis drive. Its powerful positioning function enables absolute and relative positioning of the in-feed axis. The inverter fits multi-axis control applications, especially in papermaking, packaging, and textiles. printing, steel industries, etc.

Closed loop stepper driver

The closed loop stepper driver is an actuator that converts electrical pulse signal to angular displacement signal for controlling the angular displacement, speed and acceleration of motor rotation by controlling the number and frequency of pulses with aim of speed regulation and positioning.