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Brushless DC motor driver

•  A control system can control brushless DC motor speed and torque, meet various motion control requirements.

•  Safe reversal and start, over or under voltage, over current, over temperature, fault self-diagnosis, alarm.

•  High driving control accuracy, low noise, durable, safe and reliable, good controllability.

•  For high-performance motion control fields in small and medium power range of robots and CNC machine tools.

Linear servo driver

•  A driving device for controlling the servo motor, its input signal and output signal are linearly related.

•  Drive smooth, no torque ripple, high bandwidth, real SOA protection, anti- radiation noise ultra-clean out.

•  Automatically balances the driver and load, no zero-crossing distortion, accurate positioning.

•  For the occasions with low noise, high bandwidth and zero current out of date without distortion.

Servo driver

•  As a part of servo system, is used for controlling servo motor mainly for high-precision drive system.

•  Controlling servo motor in a way of position control, speed control and torque control.

•  Control the start, stop and speed of the servo motor for protection (overload, short circuit, undervoltage).

•  Widely used in industrial robots, CNC machining center and other automation equipment.

S120 AC/AC drive for single axis application

•  AC/AC frequency converter for single-axis control, power module and motor module set together.

•  Integrate rectification and inverter for V/F, vector control, high-precision high-performance servo control.

•  Powerful positioning function enables absolute and relative positioning of the infeeding axis.

•  Control 3-phase asynchronous motors, asynchronous, synchronous servo motors, torque motors and linear motors.

S120 DC/AC drive for multi-axis applications

•  The DC/AC inverter on DC power bus with power supply module and motor module separated.

•  Independent rectifier&inverter, a control unit can control a rectifier, 4 vector or 6 servo axes at one time.

•  It has the advantages of the energy sharing among the motor shafts, easy and simple connection.

•  Fits multi-axis control, especially in papermaking, packaging, and textiles. printing, steel industries, etc.

Closed loop stepper driver

•  Full digital vector control, full closed-loop control, do not lose the step, absolutely static when stops.

•  Low vibration, stable low speed, built-in acceleration/deceleration improves the start -stop smoothness.

•  High precision, fast response, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-tolerance alarm protection.

•  For high precision, speed and load motion control in precision machinery, automation equipment fields, etc.