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FRP fans

•  This series of fans are anti-corrosion centrifugal fans, made of FRP.

•  Anti--corrosion, high rigidity, small vibration, low noise, good energy saving effect.

•  Strong anti-corrosion performance, can run stably in acid and alkaline environment for a long time.

•  Used in fields for containing corrosive gases, corrosive gas exhaust, waste gas cleaning, etc.

Metal fan

•  Industrial special fans, made of carbon steel, stainless steel or titanium alloy and other materials.

•  High efficiency, energy saving, stable performance, and wide range of application.

•  For media with less or without corrosion, high temperature corrosive gases and other working conditions.

•  For media conveying, circulation, drying, cleaning and ventilation systems of gas, dust, pulverized coal.

FRP fans

•  Corrosion-resistant centrifugal fan, which can deliver corrosive gases containing acid and alkali components.

•  It has the corrosion resistance of FRP and the structural strength of steel.

•  Flat performance curve, low noise, long life, economical and durable.

•  Suitable for working in various types of off-gas cleaning equipment for exhausting corrosive gases, etc.

FRP fans

•  Anti-corrosion centrifugal fan, fan casing, inlet bell, and impeller are all fully made of FRP.

•  Superior performance, high efficiency, low vibration, low noise, energy saving, long service life.

•  Strong corrosion resistance, used in occasions with corrosive gases, or corrosive gases emission.

•  Applicable for exhausting various corrosive gases and waste gas purification treatment, etc.

Metal fan

•  A centrifugal iron fan, and made of carbon steel or stainless steel and other metal materials.

•  Strong rigidity, high temperature resistance, stable operation, and easy repair and maintenance.

•  Suitable for non-corrosive or less corrosive media and high temperature corrosive gases.

•  Used for dust collection, incinerator off-gas exhaust, high temperature air exhaust and forced air supply.

Metal fan

•  A high energy efficiency airfoil metal fan, made of carbon steel, stainless steel or titanium alloy, etc.

•  Stable structure, prevent static and magnetic impact friction, enhance the explosion-proof performance.

•  Suitable for non-corrosive and corrosive high temperature gas environment.

•  Conveying, circulation, drying, cleaning, ventilation of gases, pulverized coal and material particles.

Steel axial flow fan

•  A fan in which the air flows parallel to the axis of the vane, in a way of axial flow.

•  Fast heat dissipation, large exhaust capacity, good ventilation effect, low energy consumption.

•  Suitable for the exhausting systems with high flow requirements and low pressure requirements.

•  In air exchange, heat dissipation and explosive volatile gas transport of ventilation, heating, air cooling.

Glass reinforced plastic roof fan

•  The roof fan has both the fan function and the wind and rain prevention function, and prevents air backflow.

•  There are axial flow, centrifugal, no power turbine, ordinary, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion types.

•  Compact structure, small inertia, anti-corrosion, anti-pressure, anti-aging, long life, easy installation.

•  Used in industrial and civil buildings, used as roof exhaust air, ventilation and residual heat discharge.