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Flexible hose assembly

•  Mainly made from hose joints, multi-layer hoses and buckling parts through molding.

•  Flexible and convenient installation, good sealing, fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.

•  The hose joint is made of high quality carbon steel, with surface galvanized or oxidized treatment.

•  Suitable for flexible connection of hydraulic pipeline with large displacement of hose assembly.

Flexible hose assembly

•  For hydraulic power transmission or transport of water, gas, oil and other high pressure media.

•  With tight structure, soft material, pressure resistance, bending resistance and fatigue resistance, etc.

•  Steel wire braided hoses and steel wire wound hoses can be selected according to the working conditions.

•  In construction machinery, agricultural irrigation, natural gas, oil transportation and other occasions.

Flexible hose assembly

•  Composed of high pressure steel wire braided or wound hoses and steel joints, buckled by special equipment.

•  Oil resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, high pressure bearing, superior pulse performance.

•  The hose is of oil resistant rubber, corrosion resistant synthetic rubber, weather resistant special rubber.

•  Used for media transportation of hydraulic tubing, natural gas, oil, steel mills, chemical plants, etc.